Who We Are

IMG_9556Jeremy grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He worked in the IT industry as a Network Engineer for twelve years before the Lord called him into full-time ministry. He has participated in various ministries through our home church, including teaching Sunday school, disaster relief work in North America, and homeless ministry, as well short-term mission work in Mexico, Haiti, and Nicaragua. He attended To Every Tribe’s Center for Pioneer Church Planting, a two-year missionary training program in Los Fresnos, Texas before moving to Papua New Guinea. For a few years, he spent his days teaching pastors and church leaders, discipling young Christians, trekking through the jungle, and providing a livable environment for his family in one of the most underdeveloped nations in the world. Jeremy now lives, works, and serves in Birmingham, Alabama.




Kandy was born on a Navy base in Virginia. As part of a military family, she lived in a few other states before her family settled back down in her parents’ home state of Alabama. She still remembers riding with her grandmother to church on Wednesday nights and the sweet WMU ladies who taught her about missionaries in far off countries all over the world. Her fascination with other cultures began there, and God used that fascination to grow in her a desire to take the gospel to one of those far off countries. She has been a part of short-term mission work in Peru, Mexico, and Haiti, and she lived and served in Papua New Guinea for a few years. Kandy now serves in Birmingham, Alabama, where she homeschools her children.


Jeremy and Kandy were married in 2001 and have three children. They lived in Gardendale, Alabama for their first ten years of marriage. In 2011 they moved to Texas to attend the Center for Pioneer Church Planting, then in 2013 they made their home in Papua New Guinea. They now live in Birmingham, Alabama.  _MG_7004


Read more about our mission here.

Read more about the country of Papua New Guinea here.

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