A Good Day

The sun rises and we stretch ourselves long, finally free of another restless night. Our toes and fingertips brush the mosquito nets which surround us, and we hear the sounds of roosters crowing, donkeys braying, Miguel outside sweeping the dirt. Children scramble down the mountainside with the day’s wood, and the smell of cooking fires … More A Good Day

Haiti – Week 1

We have been in Haiti for almost a week and the GFBC team left this morning. It’s been a busy week but the next two weeks will probably be much slower. Saturday we arrived in the chaotic airplane hangar that has served as the arrival terminal since the earthquake. It was an intense experience for … More Haiti – Week 1

On Our Way to Haiti

Our family has been back in Sweet Home Alabama since Saturday, June 9th. So far, we have had a very productive and fun visit to our home state. Our time has been spent visiting family and friends, speaking at several churches, and taking care of doctor/dentist/optometrist appointments. It has been wonderful to reconnect with so … More On Our Way to Haiti

April in Mexico

Here are a few photos of our recent trip to Mexico. Despite the heat, the kids loved being outside all day and made the most of their time by chasing chickens during the day and catching frogs at night. Once again, Sam spent lots of time playing soccer and hanging out with the local kids. … More April in Mexico

Headed to Mexico

Just wanted to drop a quick note on the blog and let everyone know we will be in Mexico for the next 4 days. We’re going to the same farming village we were at in December with the whole family (this post and this one). This time we will be there for 4 days and … More Headed to Mexico

Our Week in Mexico

I know it’s been a little while since I updated the blog. It seems as if everything gets in the way of keeping you guys in the loop, but I’d finally like to share our December with you. On December 12th, the entire family loaded up the van and traveled a couple of hours south, … More Our Week in Mexico

Going to Mexico…

As Jeremy and I lead our family into Mexico today, I can’t help but remember this post, written a couple of years ago after returning from an international mission trip. I had traveled to Peru for medical missions, convinced that I would only be treating the physical wounds of those who lived in remote villages … More Going to Mexico…