Village Living

After eight weeks of PNG culture and language instruction in a classroom, our family spent four weeks as the only waitskins (“white people”) in a very remote jungle village. We lived in a bush house, cooked over a fire, bathed and washed clothes in a creek, and learned about life in the deep bush of … More Village Living

Limping On Our Way

“One does not surrender his life in an instant. That which is lifelong can only be surrendered in a lifetime” -Jim Elliott Some things can’t truly be understood until they’ve been lived.  We’ve all heard tales of people leaving everything they know and love, about the joy that comes as fetters are loosened and they … More Limping On Our Way

July Update

Moving to the other side of the world to make disciples of remote people groups requires a significant amount of training and planning. We have been privileged these past two years to receive excellent theological and missiological training at the Center for Pioneer Church Planting in Texas, and now we’ve had the opportunity the receive … More July Update

A Busy Spring

Our family recently returned from a wonderful trip to Alabama. While there, we were blessed to spend time with friends and family, as well as speak to many new people about our future work in Papua New Guinea. We’re excited about the partnerships God brought to us during this time, and look forward to what … More A Busy Spring