A Few More Photos From the Week…

We had lots going on around our house these past few days. Here are some pictures from our week…
Olivia started school on Wednesday. This is exciting for her, especially since she’s been home schooled for the past five years. She’s enjoying eighth grade immensely, and has already been elected Class Treasurer for the year. Way to start off with a bang, Olivia!
A project we’re currently working on had us wandering around a rock quarry a couple of times this week, in search of various sizes of gravel and sand.

Children walking to the Primary School that’s up the road from our house

This is one of the pigs that lives in a pen directly behind our house. On many mornings, he’s a great alarm clock before the sun comes up.
Jeremy’s shaking sand in a container with various sized screens in order to find out the ratio of sizes in the sample. This is part of a big project that’s currently underway.

Everett helped measure the sand.

He then recorded the measurements.

Then he wanted to be goofy for the camera.
When Everett got tired of shaking and measuring sand, he snapped a few pictures, including this one. I think he did a pretty good job!

Some of our neighbors are helping prepare land beside our house for the project.

Jeremy and the guys are trying to make plans for fences and buildings. Many cultural differences are being discovered through this process, but we’re slowly learning to let go of some of the ways we typically do things in America.

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