Photo Friday

A few photos from this week…

Olivia and her best friend in our village

Jeremy, Everett, and Abel work on leveling the ground beside our house

Jeremy and his homemade smoker. We can’t wait to use it!
Jeremy’s working on Everett’s birthday present: a box drum. He loved it! 

Everett on his 9th birthday

Happy birthday, Everett!
Goroka is experiencing a drought, and fires have been burning all around us. Some people burn because fire is an easy way to clear the bush during dry season. Others burn because they hold on to the belief that smoke from their fires goes up and meets with the clouds, which will cause rain. The result is that our entire town has been covered in smoke for weeks. We’re praying for rain. Join us?
These little boys live in our village.
Little Eugene plays peek-a-boo.
These girls were working in their garden beside our house one evening. They looked like they were having so much fun dancing around with their shovels that I had to grab some pictures before the sun went down completely.
Sweet Talita working hard in the garden
This one is usually the most serious of the bunch.
Dancing with shovels, throwing dirt around, and generally having a good time

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