Water, Friends, and Culture {Photos}

Last week was all about pumping water from the river, welcoming our American friends to PNG, and seeing lots of culture. We’ll post photos from the Goroka show soon!
While everyone worked on pumping water from the river, Everett and his friends chased his remote control car around the station.

Everyone helped us get water from the river, even the women and children.

Jeremy and our dear friend, Wesley, join pipe together to pump water from the river.
Everyone lent a hand to prepare the pipe.

Oh happy day! We finally got water from the river!
This is where we waited for our friends’ plane to come in from Port Moresby. Lots of other folks were waiting as well.

This was our first glimpse of our friends. We were so happy to finally see them.

They were thrilled to finally have their feet on solid ground in Goroka.

All the guys loading bags onto the car

The day after the team arrived, we attended the Goroka show, a local cultural exposition that happens once a year. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. Here, Olivia is teaching April the fine art of negotiation at the market.

This little old man was helping one of the singsing groups at the show. He barely spoke Tok Pisin, but let me know that I could take his picture and posed for the camera.

The local police and military kept us very safe at the show…

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