Teaching {Photos}

Here are a few pictures of the team doing some teaching. Richard, Bill, and Tim taught a marriage class at night. April spent her mornings teaching the story of Ruth to women, and Mike taught the  biblical creation story to a group of school age children. 
Richard started each night with some music.

Tim introduces himself to the crowd while Jeremy translates.

Bill introduces himself.

On the first night of the study, Richard taught on creation and its ties to Ephesians 5.

Mike taught the story of creation to this sweet group of kids.

Here’s one of our sweet little friends. Her mother and father both have a devastating terminal illness that is common in our area. Please pray for this family.

Miriam, a sweet lady who recently lost her husband, gifted Mike and April with bilums that she had made. Her husband, Hensley, was a pastor and dear friend of ours.

This lady, a good friend of ours who helps us in many ways, is part of a local religious sect that does not believe the gospel, but in salvation by following Old Testament laws, even believing that those who eat pork and worship on Sunday will go to hell. She came to all of the teaching and befriended April. We found out that one of her names is April (although we knew her as Pamela, everyone has multiple names here), and called our April her “namesake.” Please pray that God will open her heart to the truth of the grace that can only be found in Jesus.

April teaches about Ruth and Naomi while Mama Josi translates.

The ladies listened closely to the story.

Jeremy listened closely as well.

There was quite a crowd of women that came to hear the stories. 
Mama Sarah enjoyed the story.

Some ladies were uncomfortable coming too close, so they stayed on the edges, but they were listening to every word.

Mike teaches the creation story to the children.

Lots of kids came out to hear the stories.

Mama Sila is a very good friend of ours. She has an illness that makes her quite sick at times, but she comes to church as often as she can. She is one of the two wives to which her husband is married.

Sweet Miriam, recently widowed, was deeply touched by the story of Ruth and Naomi.

Teaching inside the community center

Children of all ages, as well as their mamas, came to hear bible stories.

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