Photo Friday

This week’s Photo Friday features images from one of our water projects. Most of you probably already know about the severe drought that Papua New Guinea has been facing the past few months. Many of our neighbors in the surrounding villages were suffering terribly with lack of water and water-borne illnesses due to the fact that they were getting water from very contaminated sources. The drought is still going strong; as a matter of fact, we have been told that it has not even reached its peak yet. While we are unable to do anything about the lack of rain for our friends’ gardens, we can help with drinking water. 

One of our village friends told us recently that everyone is getting fat from our water, and they want to know what kind of medicine we are putting in it so that they can take the medicine without having to get it from the water. Jeremy explained that they are drinking clean water for the first time in their lives, so they do not have constant diarrhea like they are accustomed to. Since they are not sick, the food they eat is actually allowing them to gain weight. This was a revelation to our friends. 

We are very thankful that the Lord has allowed us to help in this way.

These photos were taken on Monday, and they show a few of the women and children who come every afternoon and fill their containers with clean water from our tap.

The boys usually play in our yard while they wait for their mothers and sisters to get water. Their favorite game is to see who can do a handstand for the longest. More often than not Everett is the champion.

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